• Type 5824 Actuator without fail-safe action and Type 5825 with fail-safe action.
  • Three-step version with synchronous motor and maintenance-free gear or version with digital positioner and stepper motor
  • Motor switched off by torque-dependent limit switches
  • Type 5824 with manual override (handwheel)
  • Optional three-step versions: With faster motor (half the standard transit time), with two adjustable limit contacts, and with resistance transmitter
  • Digital positioner
  • Direction of action reversed by slide switch
  • Momentary travel calculated from transit time
  • Operating status and errors indicated by LEDs
  • Adjustable positioning speeds
  • Blocking protection
  • Adjustable input and output signal ranges
  • Configuration, parameterization, diagnostic function and direct connection for monitoring using the TROVIS-VIEW software: Direct data transmission using a connecting cable (direct connection to PC) or Data transmission over a memory pen.



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